ICCCTN19 1200

Summer Meeting 2018

Saturday June 9th

Radisson Blue Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8

To register please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ciara Fahey


Registration & Opening
13:30   Registration and Refreshments    
14:15   CTN supported CTG meeting    Alistair Nichol, University College Dublin
Updates on Current CTN & CTG Endorsed Studies
14:25   TRANSFUSE   Alistair Nichol (UCD)
14:30   REST   Danny McAuley (QUB)
14:35   PHARLAP   Alistair Nichol (UCD)
14:40   PEPTIC   Kathy Brickell (UCD / SVUH)
14:45   TAME   Alistair Nichol (UCD)
14:50   Questions    
New CTN & CTG Studies
15:00   REMAP-CAP   Alistair Nichol (UCD)
15:05   TTM2   Nilkas Nielsen (Lund University)
15:10   EPO -TRAUMA   Alistair Nichol (UCD)
15:15   TEAM   Kathy Brickell (UCD / SVUH)
15:20   Questions    
15:25   ICC-CTN Research Nurses Group Update   Kathy Brickell (UCD / SVUH)
Current CTN & CTG Supported Studies
15:35   STARRT-AKI   Danny McAuley (QUB)
    SPICE   Kathy Brickell (UCD / SVUH)
    WEAN-SAFE   John Laffey (NUIG / UHG)
15:45   New Studies    
15:55   Closing Remarks    
CLOSED CTG Executive Meeting and CTN Advisory Board Meeting
16:00   Meeting   Chair - Danny McAuley (QUB)
16:15   Close