Other Research Activities

Research on Clinical Trial Processes

Prof Nichol is the Ethical, Administrative, Regulatory and Logistical (EARL) work package lead for the PREPARE- ‘Platform for European Preparedness Against (Re-)emerging Epidemics’ consortium and Kathy Brickell is part of the working group.

The EARL study is aimed at identifying and implementing solutions to key structural (ethical, administrative, regulatory and logistical) bottlenecks as well as behavioural and cultural (BC) barriers to the rapid implementation of large multi-site clinical studies in Europe in response to severe ID outbreaks.

As part of this work package qualitative research is being undertaken on the barriers to ICU research from all stakeholders perceptions. This includes patients, their families, ICU healthcare and research staff and ethics committee members.

Dr Prasanth Sukumar is a PhD fellow investigating the problems and issues in obtaining ethical and regulatory approvals in different European Union Member States.